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The Licious Sisters: Rocking it at (wait a minute!)–Where the hell were we?

Published September 28, 2011 by rlmcdermott

These are the Licious Sisters or at least some of them.  How many Licious Sisters are there?  Well, I’ve lost count.  Up until now we’ve been a pretty (yes, very pretty!) private group, but Rosalicious aka Gossip Nurse (that’s me) is ambitious.  The Licious Sisters started out as friends at work (we are nurses) and then discovered Facebook.   The Licious Sisters, now consider themselves to be Facebook Performance Artists!  What!  Yes, Facebook Performance Artists.  Have you noticed, or is it just me, that when you post on Facebook it’s like talking to yourself.  The Licious Sisters (famous for talking too much) don’t like that–so we engage in guerilla posting.  Unfortunately, Facebook is a closed system; so the LS’s have to confine themselves to friends, friends of friends and “liked” pages.  Nevertheless, we remain upbeat!  The most famous (in our minds) LS’s posts are the now deleted “Unmentionable Post” and, of course, my favorite “The Monoboob Post”.   The Licious Sisters in this picture are Hotalicious, John Luc Debonnair, Remilicious (the heart of the group), Fartalicious, Cougarlicious, Ellenlicious, Ronalicious, Marlenelicious and the always beautifully dressed Loialicious!  Missing Licious Sisters are Sourlicious (the most notarious Licious Sister), Truthalicious (if you knew her you’d know why we call her Truthalicious),  Rudy Grumpalicious (you don’t want to know her), Mirafloralicius, MariVicalicious, Jeanalicious, Jalicious ( a personal favorite of Rosalicious), Troublelicious,  Terralicious, Crankilicious, Divalicious  and on and on!  Sub groups of the Licious Sister’ are the Bromance Brothers (Lambchop, Porkchop and Joey-not-a-Licious).  There are also the Licious Brothers (Mattalicious and SJ) and the Savants–The Schedule Savant, The Float Savant and the Travel Savant (who is on administrative leave without pay!)    The various uniforms of the LS’s include yellow surgical gowns, pink crocs, tweety-bird scrubs, Liz Palacious earrings, red wedgies, coke-can necklaces, big hats, and of course a very large and very powerful strap-on jet pack.  The Licious Sisters also hold in their possession two (yes, two) Blow-Up-Dolls (The Jalicious-Blow-UP Doll and The Divalicious Blow-Up-Doll.)  The Blow-Up Dolls accompany the LS’s on all of their Committee Meetings and Road Trips.  The Licious Sisters are artists, a former dancer, a singer, nurses, and anyone they want to be!   Welcome to the Licious Sisters.

Pinto Heaven

Published September 5, 2011 by rlmcdermott

I’ve been working almost non-stop on these landscapes for the last two weeks.  In the process, I tore up four drawings.  Some of those drawings; I worked on for days.  I’ve noticed since I’ve been doing “Art” that’s how things happen.  You hit a wall, stall like an old Pinto in winter (I know how an old Pinto can stall since I drove one for far more years than was sensible or safe,) and then an epiphany.   At the cost of those four landscapes; I realized I was going down the wrong road.   I remember that old Pinto took me everywhere–it sounded like a tin can on drugs, looked like a tin can on drugs, could barely clear a speed bump, and died an awful death when a drunk driver hit it one cold January night.  I was living in Manhattan then and used to park the dear-old-thing at my Mother’s in Queens.  I got the call in the morning that there had been an accident.  I rushed home to find my Pinto, now parked on my Mother’s front lawn, looking like Lawrence Welk’s accordian.  The tow-truck driver refused to back his truck up on the lawn to retrieve the badly battered Pinto.  “Give it a try”,  he said to me and, so, I climbed into the now very small driver’s seat, put the key into the beloved ignition and heard the engine turn over and catch.  I drove the Pinto Accordian off  my mother’s lawn and watched the truck tow it away to Pinto Heaven.    I learned a lot about life from that Pinto and I’ve also learned a lot about life from my art.  You have to have the courage to get into the badly parked car to start the engine and you also have to have the courage to see that sometimes you’re  just plain driving down the wrong road.  I was on the wrong road with those previous landscapes and, hopefully, they are now hanging on a wall somewhere in Pinto Heaven with a badly battered Red Pinto as companion.