Artist Statement

I trust my hand.  I trust my hand to find the line–the line that is needed to make connections.  Art is about connections–artist to subject, subject to viewer, medium to support.  When I first started drawing and couldn’t see how to make something work; I gave up seeing and let my hand take the lead.  That is how I see these drawings; they are my work–the products of my trust, the products of my hand.  I draw everyday, one way or another, in my mind, in my heart, with my hand.   I love the work and the work loves me back.

I wrote poetry before I learned to draw and , now,  for me the two are  one–poetry and art.  I draw pictures that are poems and write poems that are drawings.  Accident and intention, myth and reality, inside and outside are the subjects that I explore in my art and in my poetry.  My tools are words and ink and pastels.

I invite you in, look at the drawings, read the poems and find the art in your own life–the things that give you joy and fill your days with meaning.

Thank You!

RosemaryYoung Girl

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