OMG! I’m Hearing Voices!

Published October 5, 2011 by rlmcdermott

This is the underpainting of the paper drawing I’m working on now.  I’ve decided to go big and this is large.  Thirty-two by forty, or forty by thirty-two, I forget which, but this stands a little less than halfway between the ceiling and the floor.  Either I’m very short or the kitchen is very small but it looks big to me.  Ok, ok, I’m short and the kitchen is small but that doesn’t diminish the task that I’ve set for myself—collaging a whole bunch of trees onto a crazy colored surface that right at this moment seems bigger than you know who.  I made a mistake in the lower right hand corner—collaged too dark a color into a white area.  Someone told me that the Lakota Indians deliberately introduce a mistake into their art works–a place for the spirit to enter.   I introduce a lot of mistakes in my work; none of them by intention.   Somehow this piece doesn’t call out to me the way the smaller drawings do, “Hey, lardo, turn off the television and get over here and work on me.”  Irritating!  Perhaps that rather shrill voice I hear when I’m not working is the spirit that entered my work when I made a mistake.    Note to myself–stop making mistakes.  Wait a minute!  What’s that I hear?  A voice,  a shrill voice, saying, “Hey, lardo, get off the internet and get over here and work on me!”  Sorry  folks, I’ve got to go!

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