What Kind Of Wine Do You Serve With Gulrot?

Published December 5, 2011 by rlmcdermott

Yesterday someone told me my art was “gulrot”.  I looked “gulrot” up in Google and it is either an Icelandic carrot or a Norwegian potato.  I’m wondering this afternoon how one would prepare and serve gulrot?  Does gulrot go with fish or meat? Do you fry, bake, broil or raw-food gulrot?  Is it sustainable produce whatever that is?    Last week I went out to dinner with some friends (Yes!  I have friends!);  I didn’t, however, see gulrot on the menu.  Perhaps, that’s because I didn’t know enough about gulrot to look for it, however,  now that I do know—I’ll be sure to look for it, order it if present on the menu, and put as little ketchup on it as possible!  Perhaps, I can be become a gulrot expert and champion it’s mass production here in the US.  Just think Jolly-Green-Giant Gulrot; now available in the frozen food section of your local supermarket.  How about gulrot trail mix or corn-fructose laced gulrot.  What kind of diseases can we get from gulrot?  Probably not that many since gulrot is a vegetable.  However, if we put as much food dye and additives in the gulrot, well, who knows–skies the limit!  A gulrot induced coma most likely would be a very interesting state of consciousness.  I, myself, like potatoes (if you haven’t noticed I’m Irish) and carrots.  My mother made the most delicious carrot salad—shredded carrots, raisins, walnuts and excessive amounts of mayonnaise. Thanks to my mother’s carrot salad I have fairly good vision and , of course, coronary artery disease.  I wonder how gulrot would go with raisins, walnuts and mayonnaise?  I have a very, big jar in my  refrigerator right now, not gulrot, but mayonnaise.  Should I shred some of my art (gulrot) and slather  it with with raisins, walnuts and mayo?  All of this being said, I’ve changed “So You Have Swept Me Back”  fifty times since I downloaded it the other day.  Perhaps that’s gulrot growing in the background.   I’ve been making some kind of gulrot, I mean art, most of my life.  I’ve received a lot of criticism—some constructive and some deconstructive–but I’ve never had that art compared to an Icelandic carrot.  Lately I’ve been wondering why I’m doing this—working full time at a real job and spending almost all, no all, of my other time making art.  I get up early to make art and I go to bed late to make art.  I eat, drink and sleep my art.  I think most artists are like that—driven.   What pushes us to do this craziest of crazy of things–certainly not money?  I am never going to give up my day job, but I’m also not going to give up my art.  So someone thinks it’s gulrot or just plain rot— I’m not stopping.  I’m not  stopping from drawing or from putting my art out there— wherever there is!  I like to think people like me are what art is all about—cave painters slogging their way through fields of gulrot.

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  • I like that you say “I get up early to make art and I go to bed late to make art. I eat, drink and sleep my art.” I can relate. When people drop the ‘starving artist’ statement on me, I remind them, I starve Not. I think it’s time to kick back and say, ‘Maybe you’d be the one starving without poetry/art/etc..” Maybe it’s a bit too pushy, NYish, East Coaster Aggressive. Ah, but maybe not. I do it all the time. I wake up with lines in my head, words I must dispose of, ideas to propel. I admire your bravery in holding onto what gives you life, validated or not by anyone but yourself. A Very Self Determined Artists. We need more of this, us, ourselves. Keep On. Writing from El Salvador. Liz Mariani

    • Well said!! I like to believe that the great art of the future is coming from the community. “Homer” was a bunch of women sitting around a gravesite singing laments. They were gulrot farmers. We’re gulrot farmers to and someday the world is going to know–especially your poetry. I like the way you use language–it’s joyous! Thanks for visiting. Have a great New Year!

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