Published March 23, 2012 by rlmcdermott

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I’m always sketching, sometimes, to the detriment of other things–laundry, grocery shopping, cleaning, going out with friends and, even, paying bills.  I want to get better and feel greatly pressed by time.  As I’ve said before “likeness”  for me remains elusive.  I just can’t see things as they are in real life.   I become more fascinated by the drawing then the subject being drawn.  It is my personal belief that a beautiful drawing always triumphs over a failed likeness.   I copy a lot of the masters and these sketches reflect some of that work.  Included are copies of original drawings of Lautrec and Schiele (they are two of my favorite artists).  Woman’s head is a rendering from a drawing by another artist whose name has escaped me.   I live so much in the real world, reminded everyday of the fragility of life and of how our bodies absolutely betray us in the end, that I can’t fault myself for being impatient with “likeness”.  The drawing will always win in my particular battle to improve.

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  • “Likeness” – a work of art is never really fully seen or imagined by the artist – it presents itself as the artist unveils it through drawing, painting, etc. Sometimes a perfectly rendered work of realism can be boring and empty. The laundry, shopping, cleaning can wait. Your art is more important! 🙂 And I am really enjoying watching it unfold so beautifully.

    • Thanks Jean: I think of you as a sister in my heart. We were discovered by art. It took us along on a journey we couldn’t have anticipated. Thanks for always being so kind and so supportive! It is so true what you say “a work of art is never fully seen or imagined by the artist.”

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