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Thief Of Color

Published September 13, 2013 by rlmcdermott

You can
steal my
the pain
is mine;
I earned
the rhymes
with failure
and its bright

Too young
to love;
too old
to be loved–
I loved.

I put ear
to ground
and listened
to the music–
an infra-sound
of beating hearts.

I threw my
gauntlet down
and rushed
into the light
to find myself
alone except
for this small poem.

So take it all
the words,
the images,
the rhymes
but leave
behind the
color, please!

I wear it when
I’m blue and red
and all the leaves
have fallen from
the trees and all
the music’s fled.
The Thief of Color

Waiting For Orpheus

Published September 13, 2013 by rlmcdermott

I waited for someone
who never came–
a woman in black
sitting beneath a paper tree

I saw an old man and his wife
the woman was bent like a harp
he had played her for years
black notes falling from her spine
a song sung over and over until
she disappeared inside her bones

this is the price of love
the fine white powder
of her back scattering
with the white blossoms
falling from the trees
the sap of his bitterness
sealing her fate

this is the garden where I remember my life

blue flowers on a red blouse
the sweet smiles of lost friends
the geometry of an old woman’s back
white cherry blossoms and a stone bench
a little girl who could not be loved
a woman who could not stop loving

the poem in my heart
has no words–it waits
for them like I wait
for you in a Kyoto garden
beneath a painted moonWaiting For Orpheus


Published July 31, 2013 by rlmcdermott

what loves
you chooses
not to come
and so you’ve
lived your
life alone

sitting in
a tree
eating bark
fearful of
the night
and the
dark song

all these
years what
it would be
a man
a woman
a god
but there
was just
the tree

listen are
those footsteps
can you see
someone coming
is that a shadow
or just the moonlight
bending over to
listen to your heart

and that song
so bereft of
melody that
you listen
all night long
it’s like a voice
singing in your ear
of love and death
and the passing
of another yearSegundo

The Salt Doll’s Song

Published July 25, 2013 by rlmcdermott

if the
you love
you down
until you
then love
it from
a distance

the ocean
counts only
the sand
an attrition
that a salt doll

taking the
high road
the blue
beat echoing
slap after slap
flesh on flesh
the sweet
cry of gulls
singing over
the bones
of civilizations
long lost to
the tongue
of memory

the task is
the weaning
away of love
a dissolution
this melting
down of limbs
grain by grain
until only the
taste of you remains.The Salt Doll

Fleeing Aristaeus

Published July 23, 2013 by rlmcdermott

I am
too slowly
to be
and the
my head
has sensed

We are
in this
of syllable
and stress,
a formless
where yellow
into my

I came
here with
the intention
of finding
the moon,
a thing lost
to me, but
found instead
one perfect
brown gaze
fixed on me
from across
a distance
of flesh and bone.

Soon the
will be
the hawk
will retreat,
and I
will be
a woman
who has
a footrace
with a god
and the
of a

Echo’s Song

Published July 18, 2013 by rlmcdermott

all blue is blue
in this sad place

loving you has
not been easy

you were born
to sing and I
was born to listen
to that singing

where’s your voice
now here in this
place of small sounds
and of secrets

what is it that I love
your eyes hidden
your voice unheard
your pale skin yet
to be caressed

it must be the
sadness in your
wild heart the
fearless spirit
in one so afraid
to live apart from
his own story

why did the gods
whisper to me come
into the dark woods
and find his heart

Sweet Narcissus
some of us are never loved
we never know the flower
the moon’s reflection in a still lake
the smell of juniper and jasmineEcho