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Borrowed Time

Published September 10, 2013 by rlmcdermott

this is the
moment that
has been
hunting you

you are left
with only
a pen and
a blank book
to rewrite
your life

the day that
you took two
hundred pills
and laid down to die

where’s the difference
between a soldier with a gun
and you with a vial of pills
you both alter flight

you hear your future
a dangerous cat
padding down the
corridors of it’s
accidental habitat

the rattle of pills
still in your brain
their coated surfaces
dissolving as memory
spills into your periphery

yet you go on
a predator of your
own life sleeping
in the shade of forgiving
trees until sunset when
the wild bird sings and
moonlight enters your dreamsBorrowed Time

Prisoners Of The Moon

Published June 11, 2013 by rlmcdermott

I thought you were the one
who would lead me out–
the moon was bright
but not light enough
and your face was hidden
by a cloud that would not leave.

Gray and white and black are colors;
afraid of death I rushed into the light–it was too bright!

How many times a year
will you grieve for what is lost?
The moon stood still for the sun
but only once and then no more.

We have never met
but have met a thousand
times and like flowers
that will not bloom
we stand inside ourselves
and find the other.

A paradox we two
who are not one,
you in your glory,
me in my decline,
have stopped to love
an opposition of a kind–
this song, this poem, this painting,
works of art that cannot be seen,
hidden in a miser heart
that will not set us free.Prisoner Of The Moon