Mission Statement

Published June 20, 2011 by rlmcdermott

Wow, as of today, I’ve posted seventeen pictures and other than me, some family, some friends, a lot of spammers–I think I’ve been the only one looking at them.  Not complaining here, well maybe a little;  I’ve had a hard time figuring out how to treat this “art blog”–serious, semi-serious,  not seriously at all.   I’m really not much of a talker  (arm extended in the air, waving hand back and forth in protest to those scoffers out there who think they know me better than myself).  Yes, my mouth moves a lot, and words come out of it with a frequency that defies civility, however  that’s not the REAL ME.  The REAL ME  is a thoughtful, quiet person who makes art and writes poetry (on what planet?).  Who said that?   Anyhow, as I’m sitting here in my kitchen/studio; I’m trying to decide should I go on with this blog, should I change the template, should I change my Facebook profile into a page, should I go on Twitter, should I tumble with the Tumblrs, should I download WordPress.Org and start all over again.  However, the OTHER ME, the loud, talkative, outspoken but still sensitive person has decided that since no one is looking at the blog–well, I should just be myself.  So here you go viewer, follower, fan, whatever, this is what I’m going to do with this “art blog”–I’m just going to be myself–which is a lot of things.  The picture I’ve uploaded with this post is of Kim Jae Wook, a Korean actor, singer, model, and, yes, one of my obsessions.  A girl’s got to dream!  Go Art!

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