The Geisha’s Song

Published May 22, 2013 by rlmcdermott

I couldn’t find
my way among
the trees so
I turned back–
the darkness,
an old friend,
welcomed me.

It took my hand
and lead me down
the garden path
and I was patient
in the moonlight,
for the first time,
I was patient.

I’ve loved so
many things
the singing birds,
the summer sky,
the coneflowers
but most of all
the weeping
cherry blossom tree
that sheltered
everything but me.

I’ve lost you
but most of all
I’ve lost myself
because we shared
so many things–
the falling leaf,
the polished stone,
the tall grasses.

I’ll look for you
again, someday,
but not today–
today I’ll write
a poem and paint
a picture of the moon
and dream of gardens
where flowers never bloom.Geisha

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